Services & solutions for exhaust air purification and process heat re-utilization      


Together with a dedicated customer service team of Dürr Systems AG we can provide a number of comprehensive service packages for your exhaust air purification systems that you can tailor to suit your specific needs. This includes not only 24/7 helpdesk services, fast repair and spare parts supply services but also assessments, energy surveys / optimization, preventive maintenance and any service from plant modification up to commissioning services complete with advice and training.

We can also provide maintenance, spare parts and all our service products for exhaust air purification plants of other suppliers installed on your premises.

For more information about the range of service products see:

-        Spare Parts & Repair

-        Inspection & Maintenance

-        Analysis & Assessment

-        Modifications & Revamp

-        Hotline & Support

-        Service Products & Training

For local support please contact Clean Technology Systems Benelux