Services & solutions for exhaust air purification and process heat re-utilization

Clean Technology Systems en Vanderwerff Project Management (Triple D) hebben een installatie ontworpen die tanks, pijpleidingen, procesinstallaties en schepen sneller, goedkoper en schoner kan ontgassen. Andre van der Werff en zijn twee compagnons vonden dat de snelheid van ontgassen omhoog moest en de kosten omlaag, net als de uitstoot van CO2 en NOx. Op het moment worden de laatste proeven gedaan bij testfaciliteit Plant One Rotterdam.

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Fri, 20 December

Clean Technology Systems Benelux has found her creative base for development of sustainable technology in Unit 88 of the Caballero Fabriek in The Hague.

Together with affiliated companies, INB Group en STB solutions, also based in Unit 88, we develop new concepts contributing to reduction of CO2 emission and assist industrial clients to make the right steps in the transition to a circular economy.

Clean Technology Systems Benelux is Dürr’s authorized business partner in the Netherlands and takes an active role in service, spare parts & modernizations of existing exhaust air purification equipment as well as new equipment projects.

Adress: Saturnusstraat 60 - Unit 88, 2516 AH The Hague, The Netherlands

Tue, 01 January

Petrochem published a case study (white paper) of Dürr Clean Technology Systems on 4 October 2017.

Tailored Service Ensures High Availability and Lower Costs

Looking back on over 10 years, the collaborative partnership between Orafol Europe GmbH and the service area of the Dürr Clean Technology Systems (CTS) division has reached a particularly high level of commitment and engagement. While the foil specialist continues to grow as it develops new, innovative products and installs additional production lines to boost capacity, Dürr looks after the air purification systems by providing a comprehensive range of services that extends throughout their operative lifecycle. The global market leader of highly efficient air purification systems has many years of experience dealing with different processes and helping customers, and offers proactive service solutions, including for complex “production and exhaust air portfolios”. To download the full case study click here

Wed, 11 October

Clean Technology Systems Benelux and German company Dürr Systems AG have signed a cooperation agreement regarding exhaust air purification services and sales in the Netherlands. In the agreement Clean Technology Systems Benelux will be Dürr’s representative and take an active role in service, spare parts & modernizations of existing exhaust air purification equipment as well as new equipment projects.

 With Dürr’s large organization and experience of more than 2000 delivered exhaust air purification systems worldwide it’s possible to organize complex modernizations and energy efficiency retrofits also for existing 3rd party equipment.

 “With an active representation in The Netherlands we are convinced that we are able to provide added value for customers in the Netherlands through our focused service operations and also due to our deep know-how and experience in exhaust air purification.” comments Mr. Werner Zondler, Vice President Sales AMS of Dürr Systems AG.

 The Dürr Group is one of the world's leading mechanical and plant engineering firms. The exhaust air purification equipment is part of Dürr’s market division “Clean Technology Systems”, which includes also energy-efficiency technology such as industrial high temperature CO2 heat pumps and Organic Rankine Cycles.

Wed, 01 February